D.I.E. Exams

THE D.I.E.Diploma Internacional de Espanhol  (International Diploma of Spanish) – is required for many job opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries. During this course, we get you ready to take the exam and obtain the D.I.E., which is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.  

– It comprises 3 months of private classes, of one hour and a half each, which can be taken once a week in the regular course or more often in the intensive course.

– It includes a practice exam with corrections and reinforcement in the required areas.

– We are the first online Spanish institute in Brazil accredited and awarded by FIDESCU (Foundation for Research and Development of Spanish Culture) The founder of Espanhol Fluente, Ana Zalcberg, is a member of the FIDESCU board. It is the best certification in terms of quality and reliability you can get from a Spanish language teaching institution.

– We are qualified to grant the D.I.E. international certificate.

– The course is taken by videoconference, on our own platform, with a live teacher.

D.I.E. Diploma

The IZEF-Español Fluente Institute is an Examining Center accredited by FIDESCU, Foundation for Research and Development of Spanish Culture. You can sit for the exam and obtain the diploma with us. Only three schools in Brazil are qualified to offer this course.

D.I.E. Levels

– The D.I.E. exams are taken at our examination centers, including the online campus, on the date previously scheduled by the student (the DELE – another Spanish language exam – has fixed dates).

– The D.I.E. offers 10 oral, 6 written, and 3 specialized levels.

– The content of the D.I.E. exam is both flexible and diverse: the student can choose the topic of his or her interest (the DELE exam does not offer this feature).

There is no need to take all levels before the “mastery” level (in the DELE exam it is necessary to start from the basics).

– Candidates can take an oral test, a written test, or both (in the DELE exam both tests are required).

– The candidate may choose different levels for the written and oral exam, depending on his or her knowledge of Spanish (in the DELE exam it is mandatory to take the same level in both tests).

– In case the candidate only passes one of the tests, he/she receives the diploma for the approved part, either written or oral (in the DELE exam it is mandatory to pass both tests).

– Since it has more levels, different areas and is divided into oral and written modalities, the D.I.E. candidate has better chances of earning his/her diploma quickly than with the DELE exam.

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