Course on Hispanic American Culture

Is there any better way to learn a new language than by having fun and increasing your general culture in the process? In the Hispanic-American Culture course, you learn Spanish at the same time as you get to know more about the culture of Hispanic countries, with a selection of movies, writers, and music. Get to deepen your knowledge of the work of great names such as Gabriel García Márquez, Borges and Cortázar, among many other artists from Spanish-speaking America. It is an informal magical context that will subject you to a more intense and complete kind of immersion.


  • The course is designed for those who already speak Spanish, but wish to improve their language skills, remain fluent, or simply immerse themselves in the Hispanic-American culture with natives from different countries.
  • The course is very interactive and unique in the market.
  • You take the 1-year course and, if you still want to, you may continue, with individual or group classes, since this is a subject that will never be exhausted.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to keep the language alive and interact with other people.